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Buried Treasure
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Phoenician Hoop Earrings
These earrings are inspired by those exhibited in the British Museum from the 6-7th century BC found in Phoenician tombs excavated at Tharros in Sardinia. They consist of an ankh soldered to a hoop w…

Bronze Age Spiral Earrings
Inspired by the jewellery found on the banks of the Danube, made around the 10th century BC and exhibited in the British Museum. Four double spirals and a single longer spiral clasped by two horizonta…

Bundles of Enamel Disks Earrings
Three pairs of 6mm diameter plique-a-jour enamelled disks (the enamel is completely transparent and has no backing) joined with unequal lengths of wire, wrapped in fine wire and fused.  The earr…

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